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Your Personal Checklist

Use these handy checklists to make sure you give this office the information we need to prepare your personal and/or business tax return.

To ensure the maximum deductions to which you are entitled- and in consideration of the penalty provisions, please supply FULL details of any claim with supporting documentation.

For employee taxpayers and for travel and motor vehicle claims by self-employed taxpayers, documentation must be a receipt, invoice or similar document that contains certain details. For other taxpayers, documentation may comprise receipts, dockets, diary notations or reasonable and supportable estimates.

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Your Income

  1. Please provide details of:
    • All Employment income, including the Payment Summary/s
    • Government Allowances or Benefit Statements
    • Eligible Termination Payment Statements
    • Pension or annuity Statements
    • Attributed Personal Services Income Amounts
  2. Did you receive, or were you credited with interest from any source within Australia? Provide details of all the accounts on which interest was received, the amount(s) and if accounts are jointly or personally held.
  3. Did you have a distribution from a Trusts and/or Partnership. Please include statements of these distributions.
  4. Do you own a rental property? Please provide details of rent received, interest paid and any other deductions for the property.

    If the property was bought during the year we need the following information:-
    • purchase contract including contract date and settlement date
    • list of chattels, and costing of each (e.g. stove, hot water service, carpets, curtains, blinds, ducted heating, etc)
    • borrowing costs and term of loan
    • Bank Loan Bank Statements
    • stamp duty and legal fees paid
    • date the property was constructed
    • date the property was first rented if applicable

  5. Do you own shares, including from an employee share scheme? Please provide dividend statements for the year.
    If you do not have dividend statements, please summarise dividends received from each company for the year as follows:-
    • Unfranked Dividends
    • Franked Dividends
    • Imputation Credits
  6. 6. Did you sell any assets during the year that may give rise to Capital Gains event? E.g. real estate, shares or units in a unit trust or managed fund
    If so we need the following information:-
    • purchase and sale dates (contract dates preferable).
    • cost price (purchase price, stamp duty, legal expenses, brokers fees etc.)
    • sale price (sales commission, legal expenses, brokers commission etc.)
    • dividend reinvestment documents
  7. Did you receive any other income? ( e.g. tips, directors fees, royalties, foreign source income, distributions from partnerships or trusts).
  8. Deductions

    Motor Vehicle:

  9. Are you required by your employer to use your car for work?
    If yes, please advise of the following:
  10. A. Did you travel 5,000 business kilometres or less? We will need details of the business kilometres travelled, your car type and engine size


    B. If you travelled more than 5,000 business kilometres for work you can use the logbook method, 12% of original value or one third of actual expenses method. For these methods we need to know the actual running costs of the car, or actual purchase price of the car.

    Other details include:-

    • Log Book Business %
    • Vehicle make
    • Registration
    • Insurance
    • RACV Membership
    • Petrol
    • Repairs & Maintenance
    • Lease or Hire Purchase (HP) details
  11. Did you buy or sell your motor vehicle during this financial year, which you used for business.

  12. If a car was sold, we need:

    If a car was bought, we need:

    Date of sale

    Date of purchase

    Sale price

    Purchase price

    Dealer sale document (incl. trade-in)

    Dealer purchase document (incl. trade-in)

    Finance payout information (if applicable)

    Finance information
    (lease/HP, if applicable)


  13. Did you have any travel expenses relating to your work as an employee.
    A travel diary is required for travel for 6 or more nights in a row.
  14. Clothing:

  15. Did you incur any expenses in relation to uniforms or protective clothing including the laundry / dry cleaning of these uniforms that are work related??
  16. Self Education:

  17. Did you complete any courses which were related to your work?
  18. Home Office:

  19. Did you perform any work at home? Could you please provide details of the hours you work at home. Expenses relating to this deduction include gas, electricity, stationery books, furniture, telephone & internet.
  20. Other:

  21. Did you have any other work related expenses?
    Such as:
    • Union fees
    • Mobile Phone
    • Tools
    • Sickness & Accident Insurance
    • Depreciation (professional library, tools, equipment)
    • Car parking
    • Seminars & Conferences
    • Stationery
    • Briefcase or Calculator
    • Subscriptions (not including sporting or social clubs)
    • Sun protection
    • Any other expenses that relates to your work as an employee
    • Purchase a computer (need details, date and cost)



  22. Did you personally contribute to a Superannuation Fund (not including amounts contributed by your employer)? If yes, specify details such as name of Superannuation Fund, policy number and amount
  23. Loans:

  24. Did you take out any new loans / borrow for business or investment purposes? If yes, we need details of the purpose of the loan, the loan statement(s), the term of the loan, application costs and other expenses paid to the bank re the loan.
  25. Donations:

  26. Did you make any donations of $2.00 or more to a registered charity or registered political party? Or a contribution to an eligible organisation of more than $250 in respect of a fund-raising event? Please provide details.

    Tax Agent Fees:

  28. Did you incur Tax Agent Fees or any other accounting/tax audit fees for the year?
  29. Rebates:

  30. You need to supply your Annual Tax Private Health Insurance Statement. This is now subject to an Income Test of the family.


  32. Any change in dependants?
    Particularly birth/adoption of a child. Please provide dependants' full names, date of birth or date of obtaining legal responsibility.


  34. Medical expenses offset related to disability aids, attendant care, and aged care. You will need to supply invoices. This is also income tested
  35. Any Other Information

  36. Do you have a HECS/H.E.L.P. or a supplement loan?

    If yes, please provide us with a copy of the statement(s) or amount of debt outstanding.

  37. Did you cease full time education during the year? If so we need to know the net income earned while a full time student and the date of ceasing full time education.

  39. Did you become a resident of Australia or cease being a resident of Australia during this financial year. If so we need to know the date residency status changed and details of any income earned overseas.
  40. Did you have a spouse? If so, please provide the date you were married, your spouse's name and taxable income for the financial year.

    Individual Tax Returns

  41. As of the 1st of July 2013, all Refunds will be paid direct to Bank Accounts. Please Supply the following:
    • Name
    • Account Name
    • BSB
    • Account Number

Please note, this is not advice. The content of this material is general in nature. We recommend clients receive formal advice from our office based on their own individual circumstances.