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Every year we find that when clients forward their information to our office to prepare their financial statements and income tax returns, they fall short in providing all the necessary information required. We end up in a series of "to-ing and fro-ing" with the client to gather missing information, all of which adds to the costs.

To keep your accounting costs to a minimum we have detailed below important documents and information that should be provided to GDF Partners in order for us to complete your work.

Documents such as:

  • If you have computerised accounting records please provide a backup disk, memory stick, USB disk, printed reports or provide printouts of financials and general ledger particularly a copy of the bank reconciliation for period 1 July to 30 June, or access to your cloud accounting package.
  • If you have manual accounting records please provide all bank statements for the period 1 July to 30 June, deposit and cheque butts.
  • Dividend statements received during the year. Statements of dividend reinvestments should also be included. Alternatively, a summary of dividends received detailing franked, unfranked and imputation credit amounts.
  • Copies of contract notes for listed or unlisted shares or units in unit trusts purchased or sold during the year.
  • Details of any dividends paid by your company during the year.
  • Copies of Term Deposits, Cash Management and Pass Books.
  • Trust Distribution Annual Tax Statements, Trust Fund Balance at year end and Quarterly Distribution Statements.
  • Value of closing stock on hand at year end.
  • Details of trade debtor or creditor amounts at the end of the financial year.
  • Supporting documentation of any bad debts written off during the year.
  • Details of any doubtful debts
  • A copy of Payment Summary Statement or individual Payment Summaries for employees for the financial year.
  • A copy of Workcover Annual Reconciliation Certificate
  • A copy of annual taxable subcontracters payment reports
  • Copies of monthly (12) or quarterly (4) Business Activity Statements reconciled to the GST accounts if applicable.
  • Any new hire purchase, chattel mortgage or lease agreements entered into during the year.
  • Confirmation of employer and member superannuation contributions for the financial year.
  • A copy of the Payroll Tax reconciliation for the year.
  • Details of any private portion of expenses (telephone, travel, motor vehicle, light and power etc)
  • Copies of Log Books kept for motor vehicles.
  • Copies of travel diaries for interstate or international travel.
  • Long Service Leave and Annual Leave Provision Records.
  • Fringe benefits provided details
  • Copies of legal expenses invoices paid during the year to determine their tax deductibility.
  • Details of subscription and membership expenses paid during the year to determine their tax deductibility.
  • Details of any donations made during the year to determine their tax deductibility.
  • Details of insurance expenses paid during the year.
  • Details of any capital asset additions or disposals, especially Motor Vehicles (Tax Invoices).
  • Copies of Loan Agreements outlining terms, repayment and interest paid.
  • Details of any significant repair and maintenance expenses paid during the year.
  • Details of any computer expenses paid during the year
  • A breakdown of general or sundry expenses.
  • Details of any business expense paid personally by directors either by cash or credit card.
  • Minutes documenting or details of any change directors or shareholders including address changes.

The above list is a general overview only and should you have any specific queries please contact our office.

Disclaimer: The contents of this publication are general in nature and we accept no responsibility for persons acting on information contained herein without first consulting us.